Monday, September 27, 2010

Haiti,Mexico,Jamaica,and Grand Cayman islands

So here are some pics from cruise #2 i picked a few out of 200 pictures!!! i had such an amazing time

Water from Jamaica
Jet skiing in cozumel Mexico
Before we got on the cruise
By the pool on the cruise

In labadee, haiti
On the cruise ship
Grand cayman islands
About to go rock climbing on the ship

Monday, December 21, 2009


Fresh Air, Clear water, Clear skies, Amazing friends and good food that all equaled a perfect getaway to the bahamas!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Trip to Canada

I guess some things are better left unsaid

I had to run after this jerk and i finally got a picture

What a sight(Niagara Falls)

Toronto...Work of Art on the side panel of one of the restaurants

Monday, August 24, 2009

just because # 11...

I haven't posted a blog in ages...Family and friends...the trip to atlanta was great..wish i stayed longer

My Cousin Alani
My cousin Cedric

Friend of the family Dylan
My brother Dale
House by the lake in atlanta

My cousin Brea

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Just because # 10...

I visited the intrepid about 2 weeks ago...Smoke filled the air and SNAP i took a picture... I edited it just a bit...the original was good but when i changed the lighting a little and realized that each individual in front of the camera looked like zombies...i was so intrigued by how everyone was positioned a certain way.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Just because # 9...

I wanna start off by saying that lately i've been at peace with alot of things...I feel free and independent, a sense of relief. I'm enjoying my youth,every single minute of it. I usually don't show my mother affection but the past weeks i've kissed her on her forehead and tell how much i love her something i should always do but better late then and brooke i've worked out our little frivolous problems and decided to work together and it has turned out great, i must give her most of the credit with that b/c she never gives up on our friendship. I've met amazing people in the pass weeks like i said in the previous blogs and when i say amazing i mean it. They came into my life for a reason and im happy for that. I've had people TRY to come back in my life and TRY and finish off where they left..Move forward NOT backwards, Dear INP, if your not happy take a step back for a second and look at your life in a panaromic view and reevaluate everything..u may see a better picture.I see you've been doing new things! im happy for you! continue in that path....
Sorry for that long passage! I wanted to get that off my chest! So heres a couple of pictures from Hillary Flowers Fashion Show and two other designers that i can't quite remember there names but one guy designer from africa design such beautiful mens wear(i posted couple of pics)...I took pictures of models that brooke did makeup on...This was her first gig and she did an amazing job!!...and many other photos from the rest of the night...enjoy ; )

Me and one of the Models Damien

This model photographed extremely well! i have to work with her again!

The mens wear! the designer is in the dark blue suit
Brooke with the Models she did makeup on